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a bit of a reality check…

I’ve realized God’s provision comes in the most unexpected ways.

Sometimes it catches me off guard. This path of missionarydom is strangely foreign yet familiar.

Prayer request: pray for connections with churches who would be interested in the ministry in Kenya. Churches who would be interested in investing in how God is using me. I have wonderful individual supporters, and I couldn’t have gotten this far without them. However, I know I won’t get very far without the support of churches willing to go to bat for what God is doing through me.

This is the foreign part…I don’t even know how to go about this, but to pray for open doors. Please pray with me. I know this is the next step, and I’m anxious to get it going….but all in His time, not mine.

Love to you all!



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i almost forgot…

I have been accepted to the training program with The Master’s Mission! There is still an exam to pass, but I’m not worried. I was so excited when I received the call, and now I’m counting down the days until I can start the training in September of 2012!

So, rejoice with me! I’m gonna be a TMM missionary…Lord willing, of course!

I have to admit, it was nice to finally be accepted somewhere; especially after the graduate school “fiasco”!

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