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sweet relief…

Tried out the new shoes and watch today on a short run…soooo nice!!! Such relief to my feet and knees!

The watch was nice to keep track of my pace and distance. I had no idea the “mile” lap I had been running was actually a 1.3 miles.

As G.I. Joe says, “knowing is half the battle!”



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if you’re gonna be serious you gotta have serious gear…

I picked up some new running gear today. I even had my gait measured. I was shocked to see just how much my feet were pronating inward…eeks! No wonder my feet and knees have been hurting! I had some great assistance from the team out at Texas Running Company in Sugarland. I was set up with a nice pair of stabilizing shoes AND a gps watch to track my runs, heart rate, pace, course, and caloric burn.

Now….NOW I’m ready to take this running thing to the next level!

So, if you see me on the roads…go ahead and give me a honk!

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