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hit the pavement…

I hit the pavement tonight for the first time in almost three weeks. On February 20th I ran the Austin half marathon! It was completely exhausting, yet totally exhilarating! I’ve never experienced anything like it. I’m sure when I run another half marathon, or marathon, I won’t have the same experience as I did a few weeks ago. I think there must be something about your FIRST long distance race.

I never thought I had the physical ability to actually run a long distance race of half marathon proportions. I always had wanted to run a half marathon, and one day I will run a marathon, but I never could seem to get beyond a few miles. Never could condition myself to exceed a few miles in terms of my cardiovascular ability.

Then I trained in Kenya at 6,500 feet!

As “they” say…that’s all she wrote! Made all the difference in my running. Now, my legs and knees give out before my lungs do…and it sure is a strange sensation!

I’ve been reading a journal by American half marathon record holder Ryan Hall. He’s a solid Christian dude who views his ability to run long distances as a gift from God that should be utilized to glorify God. It has really put into perspective how I should view my running, and exercise in general. My body is a gift from the Lord, and my time here on Earth is so precious. I take for granted, and abuse my body/time, too often.

I’ll never achieve physical perfection, but I can certainly take care of what the Lord has blessed me. I have finally found a joy in running, which I’ve always lacked, and I think it’s because for the first time I’m viewing my time on the pavement as a time to commune with the Lord. I used to view it as “me” time, but then it was a selfish, self-glorifying, act.

When I use my run time as an opportunity to draw closer to God, then He is glorified in my activity.

I ran my first half marathon…I finished. I wouldn’t say my time was an awesome time, but it was better than I had hoped for! The ONLY reason I finished…and in a shorter amount of time than initially anticipated, was because of God’s grace – His supernatural strength!

I ramble these days, but I think that’s ok.

Mostly I’m just continually blown away by His abundant grace and mercy. His love completely confounds me, and I’m wanting to glorify Him in every aspect of my life. Even when I’m sweating to the oldies while hitting the pavement!


Austin Half Marathon Push to the Finish


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Made a day trip to one of my favorite places: Austin! Had such a blast with M. We did some serious hiking, and ate some really wonderful food. Jaun In A Million has the absolute best breakfast tacos on EARTH! Go. Take the Don Jaun challenge…it’s up to NINE! I might try it in March when I come home for a visit.

All in all, it has been a glorious day. It ended with me on a hill/mountain type structure getting this shot!

Good day. REALLY good day!

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