familiar territory and lavish love…

I absolutely am infatuated with my new job. I don’t think there is anything else I would rather do with my time. I have the great honor of serving the Lord through working at Crescendo Preparatory School of Music and Arts. I am an administrator and program director of music education. I pray with my co-workers, and I pray over the students and families who come through our doors to learn about music, and subsequently learn about the love of God. It is so cool, and an answer to prayers I never even prayed.

I also have enjoyed having the opportunity to look back at the last two years of my life and see how God ordained each step that I have taken; each and every experience shaping me and molding me into the person I am at this particular time who is able to take on this new challenge of a job. There are so many things that HAD to take place in order for me to be with Crescendo. The joys and sorrows. The times of ease and times of struggles. The good and the bad. The confusion and the clarity. Nothing went to waste. Nothing. God has used it all to bring me to a place of submission so He can use me as He needs…not how I would desire.

I’m thankful.

What is Crescendo? Crescendo is a non-profit music education ministry which seeks to share the love of God through music, and raise a new generation of worship leaders and worshipers. I don’t know if there is really anything else that I could be doing which would be a better use of my time.

Check it out here!

I’m currently working for Crescendo part-time, and I am also able to continue to pursue a degree in nursing. I’m having the time of my life! I was hesitant when asked to work for this particular organization because I was really enjoying being back in school, but God hasn’t made me choose…yet. =^) What a precious gift!

And…to top it all off…through some great grace and blessings from the Lord I am the object of affection of an incredible man. Unexpected…and absolutely incredible (more to come about this later).

Why does God pour out such favor upon me? I have no idea except that for some reason He loves me. I can think of no reason why I am deserving of such beautiful love, yet He pours it out just the same.

Normally I have all sorts of grand plans about what the future will bring, but I’m starting to learn my lesson in regards to the future. Today, I’m just enjoying the here and now…and I’m excited to see how God will use this time in my life to further His Kingdom.



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2 responses to “familiar territory and lavish love…

  1. Peggy Finnigan

    How awesome to rest so securely in His sovereignty at such a young age. How pleased He is as your assurance glorifies and brings Him praises in His heavens AND on His earth……thus His kingdom. Love ya.

  2. Timothy Dale Edwards

    Here it is, the first of September, and I am just now reading this. Please pardon my neglegence. Congrats on the blessings! May you continue to enjoy His grace.

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