ready…set…go…part III…

It means we no longer are bound by the chains of slavery to the law…to sin..but instead are free to be slaves to Christ.

“Real freedom happens when the rich resources of the Gospel SMASH any sense of need to secure for ourselves anything beyond what Christ has already secured for us.” Tullian Tchividjian

The Gospel SMASHED our bondage! We don’t have to create rules to be better Christians…does that mean we can, and should, sin all the time? NO! Paul answered this in Romans…but it does mean we are free from working out our own salvation so God can work out our salvation in us as He sees fit.

My heart was deeply burdened this week when I learned of legalism and bibliolatry being the chains for a friend, and yet they don’t even realize. I’m not one to talk…I know I’ve been there…we all have…in our need to better ourselves…in our need to be in control (without consciously trying to be in control) under the guise of “it’s biblical” so I MUST do this not that…we slip into the bondage of works being our saving grace because suddenly the scriptures are our idol and Christ has suddenly been replaced with our pride. Pride in thinking we can be in control. Pride in thinking we know how to obey more or know scriptures to a point that it is no longer a sacrifice of praise through living out our faith in humble obedience. No…it has become an alter to self. (thank you P)

I pray for truth for my friend. It’s all I can do. I pray for the church, as she is quite susceptible to this very dangerous form of bondage…dangerous because it looks like obedience…it looks good…and yet it is highly destructive.

“Being in Christ is the perpetual source of our becoming like Christ, not vice versa.” – Michael Horton

“You don’t have to obtain your missing qualities to mature…we mature as we come to a greater realization of what we already have in Christ.” Tullian Tchividjian

“If we fail to remember justification, redemption, and reconciliation, we will struggle in our sanctification.” Tullian Tchividjian

I have had it backwards…I thought if I became more like Christ the closer I would draw near to Him…seems pretty silly now that I see my error…and now that I see it in writing….yikes!

“Grace is primarily seen as divine assistance for the process of moral transformation rather than as a one-sided divine rescue.” Tullian Tchividjian

I have struggled in my sanctification for so long because I failed to remember the justification, redemption, and reconciliation I have in Christ Jesus. There is nothing I need apart from Him (we can debate physiological needs some other time, but you know what I mean).

I’ve had one of those weeks where I desperately wish I could hit the fast forward button to the time when it’s all better…and yet I have joy because of the salvation I have in Christ, and the work He has already done to present me blameless and righteous before God.

Draw near to Him. Examine your heart to discover those deeply rooted “good” idols. Let go of those things that are holding you in bondage. Serve Him no matter the cost. You’ll want to when you fully grasp the vastness of what He did for us all.



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