cookies, cleaning, and cracking up…

Nearly a week ago I was able to reconnect with three of my sweet girls! It was a lovely way to spend a lazy afternoon…catching up with these lovely ones. I had made cookies just before they, K, K, & G, arrived. Masai don’t generally like sweet things, especially chocolate, but I offered the girls a half an integrated (white and semi-sweet chocolate – it’s what S calls my cookies) chocolate chip cookie just to see what they thought. As T and I suspected, the girls weren’t too crazy for the cookies, although it did allow for much laughter to ensue!

After giggling while looking at pictures from when I was in Kenya last, the girls wanted to go and clean the church before Sunday services. These girls must be about twelve years old, maybe eleven, and every Saturday afternoon they walk up the mountain to get to S & T’s house to get the cleaning supplies and then walk down the mountain to the church to clean it. Makes me muse at how difficult it seems to get church goers back home to a work day once every six months let alone every week….I digress…

It was raining as we went to church, but that didn’t stop us from cutting up and giggling all the way down the mountain! These girls are usually so stoic, so it is a real joy to see them just be little girls!

We arrived at the church and began the process of sweeping out the dusty sanctuary. Once it was fully swept a bucket was filled with soap and water. Next the girls used these large cloths they called “dustahs”; dusters for my Southern American friends! Bending over from the waist, the girls proceeded to scrub the floor with these rags! We have mops, but the girls prefer the dustahs for whatever reason. Let me tell you…I don’t know how they do it! Bent over for nearly an hour scrubbing the floor…it hurts my back just thinking of it. I couldn’t let the girls have all the fun, so I joined in with my own “dustah” to wash my Kenya church.  I had to get on my hands and knees, though…partly cause my jeans wouldn’t stay all the way up…I’m sure that’s a cultural snafu in some way or another…Speaking of snafus…well, that’s another blog post altogether!

Anywho, we scrubbed the floor, we slipped all over the place, we bumped bottoms as we couldn’t see for being bent over looking at the wet concrete we were concentrating on cleaning, and we giggled! OH did we giggle!!! It’s not often these girls can be silly, as they are riddled with responsibilities exceeding their young years, but that’s the way life is here.

After we finished cleaning we stood on the porch of the church watching the rain fall…the blessed rain fall! I went and stood next to G just to tease her a little bit, as it is my way. I scooched oh so close to her and glanced to my right peripheral vision to see her glancing at me with a big grin across her delightful face! We stood there for a moment and to my utter shock and delight she leaned her head on my shoulder. My heart stopped for a brief time to soak in this cherished moment with G! The Masai do not usually show emotion, as it is considered shameful…they certainly don’t usually show affection, unless it is a man holding hands with another man (not in a sexual way, but a respectful way)…so for G to do what she did….I cannot fully express the magnitude of those precious seconds…

I love these girls. I love them with all my heart. Two of these girls are orphans, and the other is essentially a slave in her sister’s house. It’s just they way life is here. It burdens my heart to love them as much as I can with the little time I have here. I don’t know if I’ll be back after these six months, but I know God has me here now to love them in whatever way I can.

Pray for these girls. This culture still practices female circumcision, and I know these girls are nearing the age to be circumcised. Please pray for the Lord to rescue them from this cultural rite of passage. Once circumcised they will most likely be married off to an older man as a second/third/fourth wife meant to bear more children to add to the quiver of the Masai husband. I grieve for these girls…grieve…

Please pray with me. Please pray for them. Please pray for the Lord to open windows and doors for rescue from the mutilation the deceiver has brought forth in this culture.


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