porcupine quills and elephant thrills…

Nothing like it. There is just nothing like being here in Kenya; specifically the Masai Mara.

I journeyed back to Kenya this past Wednesday, August 3rd. The preparation was a bit crazy, but nothing like what I experienced a little less than a year ago. Making this trip this time around has been a blessing in that God has shown me how much I’ve grown…I’m not a little girl in a woman’s body anymore…I’m a woman in a woman’s body. Spiritually I’m still growing, nowhere near where I should be, however that is soon to change. Complacent…that’s the word…I’ve been complacent. No more.

Last October I wrote to you about luggage issues and not being able to do what God had clearly asked me to do because I believed the deceiver when he said I wasn’t good enough. This August I write to you to tell you God blessed me not with hardship but with smooth sailing. I’m here. No difficulties….I’m here hitting the ground running. Made it to Nairobi on Thursday, drove out to the Mara Saturday, unpacking today, and begin teaching tomorrow!

My friends and students are excited to get back to work, and I am excited to be right there with them every step of the way. If I wondered at any point if this was the right decision…to come to Kenya now instead of continuing to work towards TMM next September…God has reaffirmed I’m right where I am supposed to be. Trusting Him to provide and serving Him through the gift of music.

I walked to church with C this morning. As we left the house the guard told us to be careful for there were elephants by the house. We couldn’t see them, but we did hear them in the night. So we stayed near the stone wall as we walked down the hill, then took a different, more secluded, route (which could have been dangerous now that I think of it). I certainly enjoy living here. Every day is an adventure. Something new to behold.

On the way back up to the house, S, T, and I took the same alternate route C and I took earlier in the morning. T spotted some porcupine leavings and so we kept our eyes peeled for any quills that might be around. I found one! T and I enjoy collecting the quills. It isn’t a perfect one, but it’s still neat just the same. The simple things in life are the things that bring the most joy, no?

It’s going to be a hard four months in some respects. I left behind my family, whom I miss dearly and a sweet significant other (which was quite the surprise, thank you Lord). Many decisions to be made. Many things are up in the air. I know God will make all things clear in His time. I don’t need to fret about them. I just have to be careful to not allow my insecurities to draw me back to the dark place of worry and anxiety. The place where I no longer trust God to do what He has said He will do: care for me!

Please pray for God to make clear His desire for me here and beyond. Pray for the people here; so much to do and so little time! Pray for open hearts. Pray for endurance. No time can be wasted, and pray for wonderful health!

I’m excited about what God is doing. My disposition is completely different, and I must praise God for His graciousness! It is by His grace alone that I have high spirits. I know Satan will begin to attack me, I’m sure he already is, but I know my God is a BIG God who can take on anything and everything…and He DOES!

Be encourage, my fellow believers! Be encouraged. God is working even when it doesn’t seem as though He is. He is working indeed!


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