soul punch…

Sunday was a bit tough for me for various reasons. Fighting fatigue and melancholy isn’t easy when you’re already drained emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I think I’ve expressed via multiple posts my vast confusion when it comes to the ways of the Lord.

Pastienro quoted Billy Graham towards the end of his sermon and my soul was punched like it hasn’t been in quite some time.

“In order for God to use someone greatly He will bruise them deeply.”

I truly believe God is sovereign in all things; this includes any suffering I may endure. I know He uses all things for the furtherance of His kingdom….I also have always known our suffering is part of the process of refinement. I suppose Mr. Graham worded it in a way I finally understood the depth of the purpose of my suffering.

I long to be used by God in great ways. Not for my glorification…but for His and His alone! I want my life to be such a sweet aroma to my Creator!

Now my prayer is for the bruising…for in the bruising I know He is refining me even more for His purpose! No more fear of sorrows or sufferings for they are a beautiful manifestation of God’s love for me.



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  1. Allow me to give you a band-aid, so to speak, for your bruises:

    “Courage is contagious. When a brave man [or woman] takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened.”

    Your courage to stand up to the “bruises” that you know are making you more godly is an encouragement to people like me who aren’t quite as resolute when it comes to standing up for the Kingdom on a regular basis. Let me encourage you by saying that you encourage me.

    By the way…you know who it is that said the above quote? Billy Graham… 🙂

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