eat more chickin…

God has been providing in all sorts of really neat ways, and it has been extremely enjoyable to see what He keeps coming up with these days! In all, His provisions have really helped to reaffirm I’m doing exactly what He wants me to be doing.

This past weekend an old friend of the family threw me a fundraising jewelry party! It was a fun morning of visiting with some sweet ladies who love me, but more than that they love God! Their love for our Lord is evident in the way they love and support me! I’m blessed beyond measure to be able to call them all friend!

In just a few weeks on July 14th the local Pearland Chick-fil-A has agreed to host a “Spirit Night” in my honor! A percentage of sales from patrons who mention me at the register will go towards sending me back to Kenya!

I’m excited for this event because of the exposure the ministry in Kenya will receive. It’s not about me, but about giving glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ!

My time home has been good, but I have to admit it’s been a little rough at the same time. I also run the risk of falling into the trap of not really being “here” (in Houston) for the remainder of my time. I have to finish well, and the balance is rough: to prepare to be in Kenya vs. emotionally and mentally staying here until I depart.

I’ve already noticed my attitude towards my job has changed, but I have to watch myself. I must persevere! There is no glorification of God if I start to neglect the responsibilities He has given me currently.

I’ve also noticed I have a rotten attitude in regards to some other things, and if I allow my bad attitude to remain I will be missing out on the goodness God has for me.

In all, the Holy Spirit has been working to convict me of several things, and I’m trying to respond despite my flesh fighting me every step of the way. Pray for me, please? Pray I would be receptive to the Holy Spirit. Pray I would not fall into the trap of neglecting the “here and now” as I look towards the “later”. Pray for the Chick-fil-A event. Pray God’s favor would be on the event, and pray He would be glorified through it all! Please continue to pray for His provision in the form of monthly donors. I’m trusting Him. I know He will provide! He continues to do so every step of the way!


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