a cross…

Driving to work today I saw a man walking along the side of the road carrying a cross. Not a little cross that would hang around your neck. Not a medium sized cross that would hang on your wall…no. A cross the size of a tree. A cross you would be crucified on.

What struck me wasn’t that he had a cross, or that he was an “old” man (he was probably in his sixties). What really struck me was that he had attached wheels to the end of this cross to make it easier to bear. I laughed out loud. No, really…I laughed out loud. I thought, “why bother carrying the cross if you’re just going to cheat with the wheels?”

I’ve thought on this man all day. I’ve thought on the cross he was carrying. I’ve thought on Jesus; on the cross he carried, and still carries for me.

I was angry with this man. I was angry because he was cheating. I was angry because he was being so blatant about carrying his cross. I felt like he was trying to “show off”.

Really, the man is irrelevant. He was doing what he felt he must do. If his carrying a cross down 528 brought him closer to understanding the suffering of Christ and subsequently to Jesus…FANTASTIC!

I had to check my attitude.

We all have a cross to bear. Not a single one of us bears it alone. Not even Christ bore His cross alone. I don’t make it through a day of my life without the unending grace of God. It smothers me like cream gravy, and I’m so thrilled it does.

I’m bearing my cross tonight. I’m struggling. I’m suffering. I’m falling beneath the weight of it’s load, yet Christ is right there to help me make it through the day; through the night.


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