sweet kiddos…

AIC Sekenani children’s choir! This morning we had our kid’s program, and they did fantastic! I think the look great, too! This is one of the reasons why I’m here….the smiles on their faces and the sense of accomplishment that is written all over them.

One of the kids, K,  in the community,  who is such a faithful and hardworking kid, couldn’t be in the program because he is the favored child of M & N; he has to chunga (take care of the cows) every Sunday, and cannot come to church. At our last practice yesterday we had to send K away from practice because it had to be strictly the kids who would be participating tomorrow. It broke my heart to have to send him away. He also is a faithful keyboard student.

Both of his parents are new believers and came up to the house to have bible study this afternoon. Apparently K went home last night very angry that he always misses church. He is upset that he can’t come to church, learn the bible verses, and get a bible. He was so mad that he actually told his parents that he was tired of taking care of the cows on Sunday and not being able to go to church. This is a HUGE thing. Cows here are very special; a sign of wealth. Being the favored child who gets to take care of the cows is the most honored privilege. So for K to declare that he doesn’t want to take care of the cows on Sunday is not heard of in this culture! He really wants to go to church!! He even went to bed last night without food because he was so angry.

Well, today when M & N came to bible study, they told S & T they would be paying someone to take care of the cows on Sundays so that their son could come to church! What a testament to the work here! God is moving in this community! God is working in the hearts of the people! Praise God!

M & N recognize that their son coming to church is more important than the cows. I wish I could adequately express how HUGE this really is. Pray for this family, for I know God will honor them and their decision. Pray for K as he begins to come to church. Pray that the Lord would move in his heart, unveil his eyes, and call him to join the fold of God!

I love these kids…and I love these people. I’m so blessed to be a part of this ministry. This is what’s important in life; the reason why we exist: to honor God with our lives, to tell others of His glory and love, and to live for and love God with all our might!

How cool will it be to see more faces in next year’s program…to see K’s face added to the group!!??! Too amazing for words.


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