sometimes the yolk breaks…

so you make scrambled eggs!

Have you ever had one of those days? You know…the kind of day where you’re driving down the road going sixty miles per hour and you hit a speed bump that wasn’t visible? You hit said bump and you hear it: BANG! CLANG! CRASH! Yep…that was your drive shaft, and now it’s a good fifty feet behind you. So, you hit the bump, you lost your drive shaft, and then your passenger in the back seat is crying in pain because they just had knee surgery. Ok…you recover. You laugh because, well, what else are you going to do? You then have to drive a good twenty below the speed limit, cause you have NO power to your back two tires. Oh, yes…you’re driving through the mountains with a full truck load. HA! It just keeps getting better.

You finally make it half way to your destination, but then you realize the second half of the trip is on a road that, well, you would rather drive off the road than on the road; and you do. You can only go about five miles per hour because every bump you hit causes great pain and distress for your recent knee surgery passenger. Ok….so now the trip home, which is generally four hours, is now a six hour trip. Awesome!

You make it. You’re home. You get the truck pulled in, and you start unloading. Now…you think…EGGS! Oh no! The eggs probably didn’t make it!! You check…and surprisingly, despite the serious bump in the road, all eggs are intact! Great. Then you grab the bag next to the eggs…CRASH! That was the jar of jalapeños that just hit the shop floor. Awesome!

You unload all the far so good. All the precious cargo such as guitars and things are all fine! Wonderful! You open the recently sent and acquired suitcase that is housing your precious cargo: gummi bears. Your amazing three pound bag of gummi bears is now one large gummi. It’s not a bear: you don’t know what it is because the sugar melted in the scorching sun! Blast the sun, except since your house is run on solar you are thankful because you know you’ll at least get a hot shower!

Ok…fine…mushy gummi bears…err…gummi thing. Ok. So no biting off their heads and enjoying masticating innocent bears. Fine.  You’ll get over it. You still have the other bag of bears that you had with you in the front seat; they are perfect! You check the other bag, which contains the almost ten pounds of chocolate: all clear!

Great. You think you’re in the clear…then you start unloading the fresh veggies: ruh-roh George! Your veggies aren’t going to make it through the next two days…thanks sun.

Ok…that’s ok. You’ll blanch them and freeze them. No problem.

Uhh…what’s that smell? Oh…yeah…that would be the electrical fire! Well, battery that helped to run the house…it was nice meeting you!

A couple of choices:

  1. Get mad and frustrated….and kick something.
  2. Laugh at the situation and just make some scrambled eggs with your broken yolks.

It was really an interesting week and day, but God has been teaching me about my patience and my temper. What good does it do for me to get worked up and frustrated about things with which I have absolutely NO control! I can’t change anything that happened today or yesterday or the day before, and there will be things tomorrow and the day after that which I will have no control: BUT I do control my reactions.

Missionary motto: It is what it is; so be flexible.

It’s a good thing I really like scrambled eggs! My life seems to encounter them often.



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2 responses to “sometimes the yolk breaks…

  1. Thank you for the very well-written, and much needed reminder. I often forget that getting angry truly doesn’t solve anything. I think, “well, at least I’ll get the frustration out with yelling, even if I’m yelling at friends who don’t deserve it.” And that should NEVER be okay. Giving him control is NOT easy, but it is always the best way to handle anything. ❤

  2. Ah, the stories I’ve told about such happenings when I was in Africa!

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