you just have to push through…

Exhausted. That’s the word of the day. My body and soul seem to be completely depleted of energy. No matter what I try it just seems to not do the trick.

I have a choice here: be frustrated, or just lean on the One who sent me here.

I gotta just lean. Seek Him to fill me. He will.

Teaching in the past hasn’t been this draining. I taught several lessons today before I just had to pack it up and head to the house to crash. As I think back over the last several days I’m struck at how emotionally draining it is when trying to communicated with all your might with people who don’t speak the same language. There are moments of AH-HA, and the light clicks…but then there are lessons like I had this afternoon where they just stare at you…nothing lighting up. Nothing.

And my need for perfection kicks into overdrive…and well…I’m doomed.

I need to relax. Despite not even realizing that I had the wrong kid for a lesson…I called him S the entire time and his name is P! I even wrote the wrong name on his homework sheet!!! How frustrating! What do you do though? Just gotta laugh, I suppose. At the end of the day P had a blast!

I just need to relax. It is so easy to get overwhelmed when I look at the schedule I have to keep…and it keeps filling up, but this is what I’m called to do right now. He wouldn’t call me and bring me all this way to just desert me. No…He’s waiting…waiting for me to draw on His strength. I’m still trying to do it all on my own.

I’m such a goober. You’d think I’d surely know this by now!!!




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2 responses to “you just have to push through…

  1. Alicia

    You’re all over it, Lori! You’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and I bet you’re totally rocking at it. We’re pulling for you!

  2. Everything that Alicia said and remember that God created goobers too! And besides, you are my favorite goober! Love YOU!

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