here we go…

Today T and I got the little stone building, where I will be teaching my lessons, cleaned out and just about ready for me to begin teaching. (Photos of the little stone building to come!) My schedule sheet is quickly filling up, and the magnitude of what I will be doing is really hitting…so is the return of feeling vastly inadequate to the task. That’s ok, because the moment I feel really comfortable is the moment it starts being about me and not about God. Inadequacy is good. I’ll take it.

Mostly, the adults seem to be really interested in piano, and the kids are interested in guitar! I’m hoping that someone will want to learn mandolin; an instrument that really does bring me great joy! We’ll see how things go, but I’m really stoked because K has decided that she wants to give music lessons a try! K is not a seasoned veteran when it comes to knowing God, but she’s not totally green, either. She’s also illiterate. She wasn’t, initially, going to sign up for lessons. K is in the process of building a new house, and she is currently operating as a single mom..she works every day, takes care of two kids, and still finds time to go to ladies meetings three days a week, literacy class, and church on Sundays. So…fitting in music lessons isn’t an easy thing for her..and mostly she didn’t believe she could do music. I asked T if K would like to sign up, as K is one of my favorite people and this would give me time to spend with her, and T didn’t know…so we asked! K just giggled at T! As if to say, “Yeah right!”

So, after a little talking to we, T and I, got K to sign up..but she didn’t know what she wanted to play!!! So our first lesson will be this Friday, and I’m going to have K just play all the different instruments to decide what she would like to do. It should be a really fun time! K  also leads a special ladies signing group on Sunday mornings, and she has a really lovely voice! I so enjoy listening to her lead the Maasai chorus’; it brings great joy to my heart to see how far she has the lights have really just clicked on inside of her! She’s such an incredible being….truly!

So, I’m scouring the internet looking for teaching materials, since none of my books made it with me. So far, I’m finding things that I can use for my lessons. S and T have some teaching materials, too. It’s all working out, although having that new keyboard here would be really nice. It’s going to be interesting trying to juggle having just one keyboard for lessons and for practice availability. I just have to rest in knowing God has it totally under control. He’ll get the keyboard here in His timing, and not before.

Gosh…the view just never gets old. I wish you could see what I’m seeing! Too pretty! I’d put a photo on here, but really a photo doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

Continue to pray as God uses me according to His will. What a blessed girl I am to be be used by our Heavenly Father! What a cool life I have right now…living in Kenya and teaching music to sweet kids!!! Wow!

Anywho, I gotta get back to my preparation for tomorrow! Gonna be a big day!


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