impromptu youth meeting and sweet voices in my ear…

Today I had my first band rehearsal in Kenya, and it was fun! Singing old hymns in Swahili and Maasai…it’s not easy harmonizing when you can’t hardly pronounce the words!!! I’ll get there, but the most important part is that even though I don’t know the words I can still worship God with a joyful heart! After rehearsal I saw that the kids from the community and church were playing volleyball and Frisbee. I headed down to the learning center to join them, instruments in tow. Just as I make it to the center the kids all begin to pack up and leave!! I was disappointed…I wanted to join them. Well, some of the kids wanted to clean their Sunday school class, which meets at the learning center, so T. offered them the opportunity to clean. The kids start scrubbing and sweeping…such a lovely sight! Kids who are concerned for the cleanliness of their school/church! As they are cleaning, the kids as T. if they sing for me…would I play for them? T. asks me if I would, and I agree!

Soon the kids begin to sing and dance; singing praises to God! As soon as they were finished I jumped up and sang and played a song on my mandolin. When I had finished the song the kids were just sitting there…waiting…for me….to keep on singing! So I grabbed my guitar and began to play. Teaching them the words as I played and urging the kids to sing along. They began to sing too…it was so cool! So fun! It was such a blessing to my soul. After I sang the song, I began to put away my guitar. The kids were still sitting there…waiting…they would have sat there all afternoon just listening to me play! No video games to run to…no sports obligations…no TV. They would have been content to sit and listen and sing songs of praise to God whilst sitting in their Sunday school classroom. Different perspective, no? Isn’t that how we all should be? Not rushing around trying to do this and that, but focusing on the One who created us instead?

Munch on that for awhile.

After the kids had all gone home I came back up to the house. Got the urge to call home; so I did. My pop answered and immediately gave the phone to my nephew J! It was sooo good to talk to him! How I love him! We chatted for a while, and talked about when I came home that we should have a movie night! He promised to bring the peanuts! I can’t wait! Then E got on the phone…the inquisitive one. E asked me how I could be calling from Africa…how did the electricity get all the way across the Atlantic ocean!?! I explained that satellites bounced signals off of each other so that we could talk to one another. He said, “Oh…kinda like your eyes?” “Yes. I suppose.” “You know, Aunt Lori…when your eye sees something that it takes a picture and puts it upside down and then it tells your brain and your brain interprets it and turns it right side up?” “Yep…like your eye!”

Such joy hearing them..talking to them…being a part of their lives. Being apart of the lives of all the children who I encountered today… God is so good to me. I have children to love in abundance!

Good day.

Pray. Pray for the children here, and how we can minister to them. Pray for me as I begin to teach. Pray for me.


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