list of needs…

This week I have had the priviledge of watching God do some amazing things! Within the realm of the amazing things He is doing is reducing the number of items on my list of needs!

The original list:

  1. At least two guitars to leave behind.
  2. A mandolin to leave behind.
  3. A good keyboard to leave behind.
  4. Flight Case for the keyboard
  5. Perhaps a bass guitar to leave behind/an amp?
  6. A djembe to leave behind..or two.
  7. An iPod docking station that runs on batteries/lots of batteries.
  8. An MP3 recorder.
  9. A laptop that will allow me to do some recording and music transcription/finale or something similar.
  10. A plane ticket.
  11. An additional plane ticket for March
  12. Finances for the missions conference in June
  13. Monthly living expenses.
  14. Health insurance while I’m there.
  15. Portable battery operated amps

The list now:

  1. Guitars
  2. Keyboard
  3. Flight case
  4. ipod docking station
  5. Plane ticket for March
  6. Finances for Missions conference in June
  7. Health Insurance
  8. Portable battery operated amps
  9. Monthly support

The keyboard and flight case should be purchased soon as well as the ipod docking station! The list is getting shorter and shorter thanks to our Heavenly Father’s provision!

He also let me see one of my favorite people last night!

Don’t worry…I haven’t forgotten to tell you about my best day ever. It’s still being processed! Stay tuned for that post.

Please pray for the family of a lovely lady who passed last night. This amazing woman was a great lover of God and music. She now resides in the presence of our Lord, but pray for those whom she leaves behind. Pray for peace.


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