kenya update…

So. What’s new, you ask? Let’s see…

Financial goal:

Today we’re sitting at a little over the half-way mark for the up-front financial goal. Big purchases are on hold as I do some research on exactly what I should buy. Some items that I didn’t budget for are now being brought to my attention, and so I’m having to make some decisions on a few things: settling for some things that I didn’t really want to settle for, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

I am, mostly, for sure that I will be coming home in March due to lack of contacts being in Kenya for approximately a month and a half. This means I will need another round-trip ticket to Kenya in May. Roughly $1500. Pray that God would provide for this. When I return, sometime in May, I will be accompanying some missionary friends to Mombasa for a missions conference. Roughly $700. Pray for God’s provision for this trip.

What still needs to be purchased?

  1. A keyboard
  2. Flight case for the keyboard
  3. Guitar (or two)
  4. At least one case (I might have a case for one of those guitars)
  5. Portable amps for the guitars and keyboards
  6. A laptop
  7. Recording device
  8. ipod docking station

As with all trips and mission endeavors the financial support does begin to decline after the initial “push”. Funds are still coming in, but not like in the beginning. Pray that God’s people would be moved to support this trip (although it isn’t really a trip). Also, continue to pray for monthly support.

I have, in the last week, been surprised by some support that has come in, and that has been a blessing to me. I’m so thankful for the individuals who are partnering with me, and I can’t express adequately just how much I am moved by their sacrifices and generosity.

I have my final yard sale this coming weekend, so please pray for its success! Pray that EVERYTHING sells! God is blessing us with some beautiful weather here in Houston, so pray for lots of customers!

My Heart:

It’s strange…how I feel. I’m not really sure how it is that I feel. It’s really starting to hit me that I will be packing my bags in just a few weeks and leaving home for a while. Yes, I’ll be back, but mom and dad won’t just be a car ride or a phone call away. Not really. No little kid dugs and bisses for me. No trip to visit the “books” for a conversation, a hug, and reassurance. No P & J for stress relief. No church at Chik-fil-a. My heart is greatly excited about the adventure God is blessing me with, but it’s also sad about those whom I will be leaving behind.

God has certainly ordained this endeavor. It’s plain as day to see how He has brought me to this place. All the doors that have been shut so the only one to remain open would be Kenya. I know I’m doing exactly what it is He wants me to do. While there is comfort in that knowledge, there is also sadness. Why? Because I’m human. Because my heart is deceitful. Because it is fickle. Because it is flesh, and the flesh is a nasty thing of this world.

How to pray for me:

Pray that I would continue to strive for contentment in the circumstances with which God has blessed me and not blessed me. Pray I would refrain from anxiety, and instead I would rest in His peace. Pray for wisdom.


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