kenya update and a few other things…

Let’s start with Kenya:

Things are coming along, and I just might be able to purchase a keyboard next week! Woo-hoo!!! Still trying to figure out some logistics on when I will be coming home and if I will be going back…it’s all up in the air. Please pray that God would take care of all of those details, and make it completely known to me when the time is right. Pray that I would not be anxious about those details, but instead would be calm and still with the here and now.

My support has started to drop off…as in, the giving has begun to drop off. This is to be expected, but I know God will provide all that needs provision. Pray that the funds would come in for all that needs to be purchased. I still have several large and expensive items to purchase.

Pray for my Pop. He’s getting very nervous about certain aspects of the trip. He has been asked to teach some classes at MBC in Kijabe, and he feels very inadequate. Pray for peace and confidence in what he knows. Also pray for him for traveling mercies and good health.

As for the other things:

I’m pretty thrilled to get to spend the week with my favorite people in the whole world: my family! We will be camping near Austin, and I am so excited to get to hang out with the coolest kids and adults I know. I’m going to soak up every moment that I am with them, and steal every hug and kiss I can! Pray for our time together. Sometimes things can get tense when you go on vacation and it ends up being “work” to get away from work..pray for God to bless us with patience and joy as we spend this time together.

One other thing:

This past weekend I had a conversation of sorts with someone from my past who hurt me deeply, and I suspect I hurt them, too. They revealed information that could have devastated me if I bought into the lies that Satan wanted me to believe. But I didn’t. Satan wanted me to believe that I was nothing because this person……, but I reminded myself the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth loves me…desires to use me to further His cause…holds me in His hands and never lets me go…I refused to let Satan have power over me.

I took hold of the victory already won by the death of Christ Jesus, and I owned it.

Felt good.

Do you own it?


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