plane tickets…

As the title suggests, I have sent in the information to officially purchase plane tickets today! I received news yesterday that enough support had be given in the last week to put us, my pop and I, over our needed plane ticket amount! Praise God! I asked you to pray with me that enough funds would be received, and there was an abundance!

There was a bit of a snag when Daddy couldn’t find his passport, but just about an hour ago he came across it in his room. I was anxious for nothing, as usual! When will I ever learn? Probably never…that’s a scary thought.

God is so good, and He continues to astound me…yet I shouldn’t be.

Hopefully the next thing I have enough money to purchase will be a keyboard!?!?! We will see. Pray that the funds come in for a keyboard this week. Let’s continue to see how God provides!


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