i’ve been thinking…

about starting a n0n-profit organization. I have been encouraged by some dear friends to start considering joining a mission organization if missions is what I feel called to do. The idea of affiliating myself with an organization kinda makes me anxious. Ok, that’s a lie…it makes me REALLY anxious! Mostly  because I don’t think joining a mission organization is the right fit for me. Yes, I want to share the love of Christ. Yes, that is my main drive, but I have other passions in conjunction to that purpose.

My dream: a non-profit organization that raises money to build, furnish, and equip Christian learning facilities in underdeveloped communities and regions around the world. Education. Education is the key that will allow individuals to have opportunities beyond what they know. BUT not just “academic” education, but combining academic education with the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ…well, now your enabling “Gospel-Driven” individuals to better their lives and the lives around them. We, Americans…as I am an American, live in a culture that sees poverty, but doesn’t actually see anything. “We” don’t know need. “We” don’t know devastation. All “we” know is entitlement. It’s sickening.

My move is about educating. Not just the mechanics of music, but to feed spiritually those whom I will be teaching music. That’s the most important part, is it not? But to be able to do both! What a HUGE responsibility I’ve been given!!! Wow…what have I gotten myself into!?

So, pray for me. Pray for me as I continue to prepare for the move, and pray for me as I continue to research this idea that has been bouncing inside my head since my last trip to Kenya. You see, in Kenya…it’s not a right for all kids to go to school. It’ s not the law for all kids to go to school…it’s a privilege. Most of them don’t get to go to school. Breaks my heart. All individuals should be able to read. Not for the sake of reading, but because if you can read…then you can learn even more about your Holy Creator.

I’m a jumbled mess. Forgive me, but please pray for me. There’s something that God is doing; while I don’t know what it is exactly, and I’m struggling mightily with His timing, He’s got it…I just have to remind myself.


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