bwana asifiwe…

Praise the Lord, indeed! The last month or so has been a frightening month for many reasons. The biggest and most prevalent on my mind has been the possibility that I might have cervical cancer. No one wants to have cancer, and especially if you don’t have medical insurance…which I currently don’t. So when I got the call today that all was well, I cannot begin to describe the relief that washed over me!

I’ve been without work since I graduated from college in May. So, I have no coins…none. My insurance ran out last week the day after my biopsy (how awesome was that timing!), and I’ve been “mooching” off my folks (which really grinds my gears). I have been overwhelmed with anxiety, and find myself worrying immensely about money/finances. I know…Pastor K…I know… Yesterday I broke down in my kitchen while I was cooking dinner. I just couldn’t take it. I cried out, and by “cried out” I might have raised my voice a little. I cried out to God and begged Him for relief. For Peace. For help. For Him.

When I went in for my biopsy last week, I asked if I could just get the results over the phone because I didn’t want to have to pay for the office visit that would most likely last around five minutes (assuming all was ok). I was told that I HAD to come in to get the results. $80 dollars…ouch. God answered my prayer for some relief on two levels:

  1. No cancer!
  2. Save some money!

I don’t understand why I haven’t been able to work, and to save and prepare financially for my move. I don’t understand why that particular prayer seems to be denied, but I know He hears me. I know He listens. I know He answers. I’m trusting, and it was such a relief and joy to know that the Big Guy upstairs has my back!


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