6 days…

Six days. Six days till the dreaded doctor’s visit. I can do six days. The really awful waiting will commence after Wednesday when the results won’t be available for several days. I made sure to be VERY busy on Wednesday evening…Thursday evening…and alll day Friday and Saturday. It was mostly intentional. Hopefully I won’t be so worn out that I can accomplish all that I need to accomplish.

It will be fine. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I’ve done this before, and all turned out fine. I just have to keep reminding myself that whatever happens, it is the Lord’s will.

It’s all in His control. It’s all in His control.

J is finally home. I have definitely enjoyed my time with them. That’s been a bittersweet blessing.

I know I should be so thankful and excited….but I’m not. How can I be joyful that lifelong dreams are having to be put to rest? What’s so great about being able to just pick up your life and relocate because you’re not attached…to ANYTHING? Not by choice…but by command.

Sorry..I just don’t feel thrilled. Sue me.


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