the skinny on sin…

You can be forgiven. It is forgotten. You can move on from it and be healed of the emotional pain that it causes…but that doesn’t mean you are free from the consequences forever. That’s the ugly thing about sin…it stays with you forever.


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  1. Timothy Dale Edwards

    The consequences of my sins have not disappeared, but when I turned my life over to Him, he took all the pain, the suffering, the loss, and He made it all worth while. What was before in vain, was after, for the good. He made what was useless, useful. All that I had wanted to cut off, to forget, that I had wished had never happened, was turned to gold. Simply by sharing where I had gone wrong, I was able to let others know of the perils without having to learn as I did; the hard way. By showing others that there was a way out, The Way, I could share His hope. Yes, the consequences remain, but they didn’t remain in vain.

    Romans 8:28

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