i need…

A job. I really do. I need something temporary before I leave so that I can pay off a few things and purchase some necessities for the trip. Unfortunately no one wants to hire someone for a few months.

I know God has it under control…He always does. (This is the part where I would say “but….”, and if I truly believe the “under control” statement then I can’t insert the “but…” statement.)

Argh! This Christianity thing can sure be tough.



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2 responses to “i need…

  1. I quit a good job last July (a year ago…wow…), in hopes of finding a new job in a new field. I didn’t get that new job until January of this year, and it was a tough 6 months living without a paycheck. My wife and I cried together several times thinking we weren’t going to make it without losing everything. But God didn’t allow that to happen. Things are still tight, but we always make it, and we praise God every month that we do.

    From what I read here, you feel a true calling to missions, and my understanding of God is that He equips those whom He calls. Keep up the good fight, and know that a complete stranger prayed for you today. 🙂


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