There just aren’t enough words to say. Enough sayings to recite. Enough syllables to make a coherent thought that will ease the pain of another. Sometimes all you have is silence. Why? Perhaps the words that are available just don’t make sense. Perhaps it’s all a jumbled mess.

I don’t understand the ways of the Lord. I don’t understand why He is moving in my life as He is. I don’t understand why some things, while they are a great desire of my heart, will remain out of my grasp.

We are called. We are chosen. It isn’t our place to question it, nor is it our place to request a transfer! He gives us a task, and it is up to us to accept it and live in His will; His delight. We may refuse, but refusing the will of the Lord is never a good idea. It leads to heartbreak and pain. Destruction and death.

The moment may hurt as you take those steps to walk in His light, but the peace that He gives as you are obedient is sufficient. Christ, be my sufficiency. May I be content with what you desire for me.

Kenyan Sunset Photo


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