aunt w’s house…

Country Fence Photo

One of my favorite things to do is to visit my Great Aunt W.  Aunt W is the younger sister of my late grandmother, L. I miss my Nannie, as we affectionately called her, and if I can’t hang with my Nannie, then Aunt W is the next best thing. I get on the interstate when things get rough, and I head on out to the country to spend some RR with Aunt W. She makes me the best homemade biscuits and gravy, and, when she’s feeling especially kind, some good old country fried catfish, hush puppies, and fries! I got to Aunt W’s house because it’s a place where I can just be; where I can just focus on what is going on in my heart. A place where I can sit and stare at the sky, and listen to the Lord’s creation. Where I can listen to Him without the bustle of the day. I do travel into a nearby city, one of my most favorite cities, and I hit some of my favorite spots. The trip is always a lone trip, although there have been a few special individuals who have made a day trek with me. Often times I turn the phone off…no distractions.

I’m going to miss going to Aunt W’s house when I move. I’m going to miss Aunt W altogether.

I’m going to miss my family.

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2 responses to “aunt w’s house…

  1. I love that you love getting out past the city life every once in a while. That is one of the reasons I love going camping. Just my Lord, my family, my trailer, and a beautiful sky. I am praying for you in your search for a job and as you continue to think about Kenya plans. It was really good to see you last week. (: Oh and I don’t know if you intended the second picture to look like a crown of thorns hanging on a cross, but I love it.

    • I do. I was actually hoping to get out this week, but it isn’t looking so promising. Definitely in August…gonna make a run to the Hill Country! It was so good to see you last week. Let’s get that coffee so we can just sit and talk about stuff and stuffed crust pizza!

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