baby photo taker…

So, I’m an extremely inexperienced photographer. I really shouldn’t even call myself a photographer, but I can’t help but have a camera in my had almost all the time. I’ve been following some photography blogs, and this guy, Bobby Earle, really rocks my socks.

Mr. Earle goes on, what he calls, Raddest Photo Trips Ever! I’ve seen the shots that come from these trips…they are EXTREMELY rad! I’ve been fortunate to go to some of the places he’s been, although not with him. I think, someday, I would like that.

Check out his blog. Look at his shots. The adage that a photo is worth a thousand words…no…more like a million. Enjoy.

As I prepare to go back to Kenya I’m going to arm myself with more photography education. That’s not the purpose in my going to serve in the Mara, but it’s the avenue that I like to tell my story when I come home. So, I will be adding photography classes, or reading, to my preparation list.


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