to law or not to law…that is the question…

A wise man once, or twenty times, reminded me that there are endless possibilities in life. If one path doesn’t work, you turn around, go back through the door in which you just came, and open a new door. I think I’ve just gone back through my door. I’m on the brink of opening a new door.

I’ve begun to write out my study schedule for the summer. What am I studying for, you ask? The LSAT. Blah. The idea of sitting in an office for twelve to fourteen hours a day does not appeal to me, BUT helping those in need does. There is an organization based out of Dallas that specializes in going into countries that allow sex slavery and fighting for the rights of those enslaved. This appeals to me. Advocating for abused children appeals to me.

My dreams…my desire to sing, well, I’m beginning to think God is asking me to lay them all on the alter to be sacrificed. His desire for my life isn’t always my desire for my life. This I’ve learned the hard way. He may or may not provide an alternative sacrifice, I don’t know…but I do know that right now He’s asking for me to lay them down.

So, there…consider them lain. New door. Broken heart, but God wouldn’t want it any other way. Someone told me to give my brokenness to God, He will pick up the pieces, but I don’t think so…He wants it broken. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a need for Him.

This is scary, but I’m sure Abraham was afraid when he led Issac into the wilderness that day. Much more than me. My dreams may not be a human, but it’s still an act of obedience and sacrifice. If I’m to follow Christ, I’ve got to be willing. I want to be willing. I’m willing.


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