i can spit in one and wish in the other; which one is full…

Which would you rather have – unconditional love or money?

For the second time in my life the person I loved most decided there was a choice. They chose money.

At this point I have two choices. I probably have more if I lived in a very “gray” world, but I think things are a bit more black and white. I can either:

  1. allow the hurt to keep me from ever loving and giving my heart away again, or…
  2. allow the hurt to help me to love again.

The heart is a special gift, and one you shouldn’t be afraid to share. Just allow the Creator to do the picking. I’m worth more than any amount of money or earthly possession. I am worth my God’s life. Perhaps I should keep that in mind when my heart wants to hurt. No greater price could have been paid. Nothing compares to the love of my Lord.

They chose money…and yet I’m the wealthy one.


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Filed under Faith, Loss, The Past

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