a fuzzy haha moment…

Me: “Hi! I just want to reintroduce myself. My name is Lori Burleson.”

George: “We heard you sing tonight, and didn’t recognize you. I said to myself: she should get this award!”

Me: “HA! I did. Last year!”

Had the privileged of chatting with some wonderful patrons of the vocal arts who have graciously given $20,000 to HBU vocal performance majors over the last ten years.  I was one of those blessed recipients last year. This year my dear friend RE was honored with the award.

To RE…a heartfelt congrats to you my lovely friend!



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2 responses to “a fuzzy haha moment…

  1. RE

    I knew it was a good idea to subscribe! They couldn’t have said it better. You sounded gorgeous tonight.

    • Thank you, dear. I almost didn’t even get through the first verse! All of a sudden the words hit me like a ton of bricks: “Tell me where is the road I can call my own.” I’ve been asking that for so long, and I still have no answer. However, the Lord is calling me home, guiding me, and delivering enough light for the very next step.

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