sallie mae shmallie fey…

Well, it is official. I will NOT be going to graduate school in the Fall. I made the decision to cancel my audition next week due to no financial aid being available.

So now, I get a job. I have no idea what kind of job, but I’m thinking one that pays. Preferably one that pays “decent,” cause that would be nice.

I don’t want a fancy house, car, or life. I just want to love people. I just want to love people, and be able to pay my bills. I just want to do what God created me to do, which is love people. I can’t take anything with me when I die, so why work myself to the bone all day and night to get “stuff” that matters not?

How the world fools us into believing that we need a “job” or a “career path” or “worldly success” to be worthy…worthy of what? The accolades of man? For what do I need the accolades of man? When I die and come before the Lord do you think He will ask, “Lori, did you have sufficient accolades of man whilst living?” (Now, I realize that God probably wouldn’t use the term “whilst,” but for our purposes He is.) Nah…He’s gonna say, “Lori, you accepted ME as your Lord and Savior. You obeyed my commands and loved. Welcome good and faithful servant.” At least I hope He says that. If He did…dude…that would be so awesome! Those words..those are my goal in life. Not to have a driven career that requires me to sacrifice my life for the furtherance of worldly possessions, but to love God and bring glory to Him by loving those around me.

Maybe I’ll just have to find a job loving people. Who cares about those student loans…

Sallie Mae Shmallie Fey.


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