Had dinner tonight with two of my favorite people in the entire world: T & K. They inspire me. They have this way of refreshing my spirit. Their presence. Their love. Their faith in me. Friendships are rare…true friendships. The kind of friendship where you can say anything to the other person, share whatever is on your heart, and they won’t judge you for it. Not one bit. They love you for it.

I ate garden greens right from the garden. I harvested carrots. Wandered through the tomatoes. Ate some fruit whose name I forget, but it started with a “k” and I liked the sweet, sour, and saltiness of it! Homemade pulled pork bar-b-q sandwiches and macaroni salad. All I can say is….yum.

Friendship. Food. Laughter. Tears. Shared pains. Shared hopes. Shared confusion. Shared hearts. Music. Fellowship with the Lord; He was there. He brought us together.

God brought two wonderful people into my life and I am abundantly blessed by the Lord through them. Tonight…tonight I felt God’s love. I felt God’s love and it was amazing.

Thank you, Lord, for sharing your creation with me. Thank you, Lord, for loving me through my friends.

Good night. Truly a good night. The burden is a little less heavy tonight because I was able to share it and to take on someone else’s burden. Good, good night.


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