a frazzled brain & the refiner’s fire…

Just as the title would suggest…I have a frazzled brain, and I am DEFINITELY being refined in His holy fire. AMEN! If I weren’t being refined, it would mean He didn’t love me…I’m glad He loves me even though the process of refinement hurts like hell!

So much is going on, and I want to talk about it all. I don’t have time, but I will. So, what to expect when I don’t have to be up in just a few hours to go to work…

  1. My story, my legacy – a tribute to Donald Miller and remembering Randy Chambers
  2. What’s God doing with my heart?
  3. What’s God doing with my future?
  4. Thanks to my favorite Pastienro…you know who you are.

Same bat time…same bat channel. See you then.

p.s. …love you pastienro.


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Filed under Faith, Loss, Musings

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