working on that list: the united states postal service

Yep. I got a holiday job working for the USPS. Too cool for school in my opinion. Why, you ask? Let me tell you why!

  3. I’m constantly busy, so the time goes by so fast.
  4. Wonky work hours: I go in at 4:30 in the morning and I am finished for the day at 10:30 in the morning.
  5. Good pay…everyone likes good pay.

I suppose those are the main reasons. It’s hard work in the postal service. The kids behind the scenes are really important to the delivery of your mail, and I’m not talking about the carriers. It’s incredible, but the post office is running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The stations are closed for Sundays and on holidays, but the main post office in any city is running 24 hours 365 days a year. So, the next time you get irritated at a mis-delivered letter, remember how hard they work. Also remember how many people they are servicing EVERY day! There are a lot of people in our United States, so be mindful. Yes, those kids behind the counter are sometimes cranky, but wouldn’t you be if all you ever got were complaints from people?

I have learned that there is great pride taken by the postal workers. They like their job, and they know the importance of their job. It’s great to work manual labor, thankless jobs. It’s always nice to be able to put things in perspective, and to learn to appreciate what you have. It’s been humbling, but also a lot of fun.

I have worked so many random odd jobs, and perhaps to some they are not considered to be “prestigious” jobs. What does that mean? Am I less of a person if I work as a ditch digger rather than as a doctor? Am I not as smart or talented? Am I someone of whom to be ashamed? Should I be looked down upon because I work a blue-collar job, and find pride in doing so? No. There is honor in hard work, no matter what it is. And the truth is that all the “little” jobs need to be done just as the other jobs, e.g. doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc., need to be accomplished.

It makes me think of my brother. He’s an incredibly talented individual. He’s also a genius. He works at a chemical plant doing manual labor. He’s good at his job. He has been promoted multiple times. He is a hard worker. I’ve never been embarrassed of his working there, but frustrated at all the possible things that he could do if he only did them. But here’s the truth: he’s providing for his family. He’s taking care of his family, by working at an honorable job. That’s a beautiful thing.

I have been in school for some time now, and for quite a while I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Should I teach? Should I pursue music? Should I do something else entirely? What should I do? I used to hang with this dude who will deny it all day, but he was embarrassed of me. He liked hanging out at his apartment with me, and he liked me taking care of his dog. However, he never wanted me to meet any of his friends. I didn’t fit the image that he wanted to project. Why? Because I didn’t have an academically oriented path. I wouldn’t look good on his arm at his “academic” functions. He didn’t think I was smart enough. I took it personal, and I thought I was not good enough. Hogwash!

We are all meant for different things, and a persons “job” doesn’t determine their worth in the world. Why? Because God was the creator of all, and He didn’t create crap. (sorry to be so crass) My thinking I wasn’t good enough for this dude, who has a serious image issue, was my way of saying to God…”Hey! You screwed up. You know why? Because dude doesn’t think I’m good enough! Way to go God! He doesn’t want me, so you messed up!” How foolish! My worth is found in the ultimate sacrifice of our Heavenly Father…not in some worldly dudes image issue.

Are you determining your worth by that of the world, or by the greatest gift ever given: Jesus’ blood?


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