when the music fades…

Not a long post this evening as I should be studying for my exam in the morning. Taking a bit of a break, and reflecting on the last few days.

It really hit me today that a friendship, which I highly valued, has ended. The concept of seasonal friendships sits well and, at the same time, does not sit well with me. We learn from all our relationships, no matter the type of relationship. Friendships. Intimate relationships. Family dynamics. Work related relationships. All types, down to the consistent clerk at the grocery store or pharmacy. We learn something. Who we don’t want to be, or how we can love in a deeper, more meaningful, way. There is an opportunity to further our knowledge of human dynamics.

What did I learn: so much! They taught me to embrace the love of Christ in a way I had not. They helped me to move on from the darkness.

I will always love them, and will miss them with great intensity.

However, you can’t force someone to put forth effort in a relationship that matters to you and not them. Or perhaps it matters, just not to the same degree. That’s OK. You learn, and share the good with those around you.

There was a reason I met them, and I am so glad God brought them into my life.

Thank you Lord for my seasonal friend. I pray you bless them, and keep them firmly, yet gently, in your embrace.


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